Imagine someone just describing you as an average person; it hurts and trusts me it does. No one in this world would like to describe as an ordinary person. Instead, everyone wants to Depict as the best No one understands that there’s the only thin hairline difference between being average and being the best.

But everyone seems to be the best, including me. Parents want their children to study in the best school, be the best student and be in the good books of the teachers but they don’t understand that everyone is not born to be the best, there are some flaws which make them average. Most of them think being average is bad, but they don’t get the concept. We are all exhausted from the quest of being the best, why can’t we be average? We try our best to give a better shot in life, but it all depends upon how we handle our life. We shouldn’t be satisfied with whatever we have in life.

Instead, we need to improve ourselves for the betterment, but that doesn’t mean that being an average person is bad. Why can’t we try to be better compared to the previous version of our self when we have the opportunity why not take advantage of it. We, Will, Need to create awareness concerning this concept. With people pressurizing us to be the best it’s hard to deal with it, but never to lose hope, there’s always a better use.

Everyone is best in their own way, and no one is perfect everyone has their flaws. If you take the average of people around, then the result will be maximum of them come under the average table and not the best one. Nobody is the best, and nobody is the worst.

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