Happiness is not a complete success, stop seeking for happiness instead be happy with the present life. Happiness is just an emotion, and it’s not life. Life is a mixture of all sorts of emotions blend together which includes being upset, funny, serious, and being happy. Which is also one of the most crucial concepts in life but always seeking for happiness gives us more sorrow.

There are many real-life examples which say that finding happiness gives more sorrow. The real pain in a person is known after the sunsets, and when it is really dark outside, this darkness makes us a strong person. But we can’t seek happiness at that point of time. Just lead a life with fullest never regret the decisions taken, never be too happy with the situations happening. It can make you more miserable overthinking about it. When you see people dying of depression, it’s not the lows that really matter to them, and it’s the incredible highs they experienced at one point another in their careers.

If we look at the dictionary for the meaning of “Happiness”. We find explanations like “feeling or showing pleasure” or “enjoying a condition or situation” it’s good to be happy, but we cannot expect the same always. Few people try to seek happiness in all sorts of work they do, but hardly few succeed. Even we strive to be happy always we might not succeed, but we should never give up on ourselves. We ourselves are the best mentors where we know where we have gone wrong, and we try to rectify the mistakes, and try to get back to the normal track of life.

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