The Most Important Question In Everyone Life

“Questions are the forms of intellect, the cerebral functions which convert energy to motion and curiosity to the controlled inquiry.”
Quoted by- David Hackett Fischer.

The world is full of such questions which form immense curiosities.

But, the life we live has become a lot more important than just the questions. Everyone in this world is living with their own set of problems, happiness, struggles, peace of mind, fights, and many more. And with such priorities, Are we able to even capable of anticipating the questions that arrive in our life? Surely not. Isn’t it?.

With every stage in life, there are some general set of words which are to be framed before our curiosities.

They are,
a. Why?
b. How?
c. Who?
d. When?
& Ofcourse, e. What?.

To be prior for examples,

“WHY am I not getting a good job?”
“HOW can I lose my weight?”
“WHO is that black sheep, bitching about me to my boss?”
“WHEN will I become a successful person?”
“WHAT qualities are in her, that isn’t in me?”

Everybody wants to feel good. Everyone wants to live a care-free, happy life, to fall in love, and have a fantastic relationship, have sex, wants to look perfect, to make money, to be popular and well admired. Well, they have every penny of rights to have a life like that. But, when it comes to realizing the most important question in our life, we fail. We fail in one or the other way “Different important questions settle with different people.”

For a graduate, the most important question in his life will be, “How do I get a good job?”
For a struggling actor, his important question in life is going to be, “When will I get my blockbuster breakthrough?”
For the parents, their important question in life becomes “ How can we give the best upbringing to our children.” For a politician who doesn’t have any concern of serving people, “How can I get my vote bank increased.”

Well, what we don’t realize is that the question changes accordingly with the stages of our life. Perspective changes, the situation changes as well as the important question in our life. Do we really embrace the actual important question in our life?
Are the above questions really giving meanings to our life?

“Truth is hard to digest but easy to cherish.”

The temporary questions are like the bubble gums, sweet in the beginning but tasteless in the end. Everyone’s got one life to live. There is no redemption after the expiry. What really happens to be the most important question is to find the purpose of our life. Purpose of our life always comes with the contemporaries like “What is the actual meaning of my life?”, “What am I doing with my life?”.

The moment we begin to live our life in the way of following the answer, We evolve.

The funny yet true fact is “The moment we realize what’s the most important question in our life, it’s either too late to find an answer, or there’s not even a start to get an answer.”

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